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Services Description Cargo Delivery Surabaya - Balikpapan Competitive Prices

Cargo Delivery Surabaya - Balikpapan at Competitive Prices provides delivery services for various kinds of goods such as: store goods, groceries, distribution goods, packaged goods, moving goods, project materials, medical devices, technical equipment, machinery etc.Freight Forwarding Services Surabaya - Balikpapan Using via land and via fast boats, with a minimum weight of 100kg.Our delivery destination:- - Surabaya – Bali- - Surabaya – Denpasar- - Surabaya – Balikpapan- - Surabaya – MakassarNote: for cubication goods, size P X L X H = 4,000/cubicFor consultation on goods to be sent and price info, please contact our marketingPT. Equator Independent LogisticsKHAMANLOG

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