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  • Jasa Pengiriman Cargo Termurah Surabaya ke Bali

Services Description Cheapest Cargo Delivery Service from Surabaya to Bali

Cheapest Cargo Delivery Service Surabaya to Bali provides delivery services for various kinds of goods such as: store goods, groceries, distribution goods, packaged goods, moving goods, project materials, medical devices, technical equipment, machinery etc.Using via land and via fast boats, with a minimum weight of 100kg.Our delivery destination:- - Surabaya – Bali- - Surabaya – Denpasar- - Surabaya – Balikpapan- - Surabaya – MakassarNote: for cubication goods, size P X L X H = 4,000/cubicFor consultation of goods to be sent and price info, please contact our marketingPT. Equator Independent LogisticsKHAMANLOG

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